API keys

Graphic user interface (GUI) of Short.cm is well-designed and perfectly comfortable. But you can expand your abilities in link shortening and use Short.cm functions through the application programming interface (API). Thus you can connect Short.cm toolkit to your own software.

Short.cm API usage requires API keys. It allows you to apply Short.cm methods on behalf of the registered user. Also, API keys are used to track and control how the API is being used. It is helpful in the prevention of malicious use or abuse of the API.

To pass the authentication you need send API key as Authorization header. Every registered user can find this key in his/her account by following the link “Integrations & API” in the user menu. API key is unique and should be kept in private.

API key at Short.cm at Short.cm
Picture 1: API key at Short.cm

With Short.cm API you will be able to integrate into your application the following operations:

To learn more about Short.cm API and to become acquainted with its details, visit  documentation.

API key is available for all types of Short.cm accounts. Just register yours and gain access to the core Short.cm instruments with convenient API in order to enhance and refine your own application.

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