Campaign tracking

Side by side with other beneficial instruments, provides a great tool for media buyers and marketing experts. This function allows you to analyze traffic sources and consequently improve efficiency of your promotion activity.

Conducting advertising campaigns, online marketers publish links in a variety of places on Internet, for example, official pages on social platforms, mailing messages, context advertisement texts, etc. Using “Campaign tracking” feature you will have the opportunity to learn how many users come from each place. In order to do this you need to build the link with the following mandatory UTM parameters (or tags):

  1. Source. As, most likely, your campaign will be conducted on several media platforms, you need to understand where exactly the traffic comes from. With the help of this parameter setting you will be able to learn whether the user came from some certain portal, or social network, etc. Thus, to build the link for each of these platforms you just need to put its name in “utm_source” parameter. For example, utm_source=linkedin or utm_source=facebook.
  2. Medium. Since you can use different functions of the same platform, this parameter will show you how the user gets to the page. Basically, it identifies the method of sharing or the way your link appears on some source. For instance, you can put your URL into the text of sent messages, or published posts, or banners. For example, utm_medium=email or utm_medium=blogpost.
  3. Campaign. Campaign. Forasmuch you may conduct several advertising campaigns, you also need to realize why the user makes a click. In particular, it can be the name of some certain product or campaign strategy. For example, utm_campaign=launch-product or utm_campaign=promo-code.
Expiration URL defining at Picture 1: Adding of UTM tags at

Hence, you can set these parameters in any configuration, indicating unequivocally the place from where user comes, and track different traffic sources using one link.

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