Password protection

Sometimes you might want to be incognito and protect original link and its content, i.e., limit the circle of users, who has access to your personal thoughts, private information or just some unfinished project.

With this goal, provides “Password protection” feature for your shortened links. So if you want to restrict the access to the information on some web-page, you can just set a password on the corresponding short link.

It is easy to accomplish in your dashboard. Choose “Password protection” tab in Link Management window and write down the secure password for your short URL.

password protection on Picture 1: Password protection on

In this way, beforehand user will be redirected on the page with password request and reach the necessary content only after a correct password have been entered. So share your links together with their passwords among trusted users and be sure that your original link will be protected reliably.

“Password protection” instrument available for users of any price plan. Just opt for using and enjoy the service.

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