Detailed statistics

You have great opportunity to track and measure the success of your short links and domains by checking the detailed statistics.

Statistics charts at Picture1: Statistics charts at

Statistical analysis of the links data is the important component in the development and reinforcing your brand. In your account, you can access to statistical data for both each link and whole domain. There you will find such information as

Requested data will be presented for some specified time period. It can be the standard interval, as “last week” or “this month”, or custom range with boundary values set by you.

Besides, distinguishes tracking of bot/spider and user traffic. A number of bot/spider clicks are included in categories such as “Others” or “Unknown”. Some clicks, which have certainly been made by a human, are displayed in all other categories. Thereby, our click counters provide the utter accuracy for you.

All this data will allow you to see the big picture of your clicks statistics and neatly define the further strategy of your brand advancement.

As paramount feature, verifying statistics is free of charge at in any price plan. Just create the account and start link shortening.

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