zapier integration


Connect with hundreds of other web applications.

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slack integration

Slack integration

Create short links right from a Slack channel just by typing shorten.

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chrome browser extension

Google Chrome browser extension

Create short links from your browser with one click!

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google tag manager integration

Google Tag Manager

Track your customer behavior with 50+ GTM tags.

View details iOS appliaction for iphone

iOS application

Connect with hundreds of other web applications.

View details macOS appliaction for macbook

macOS application

Create short URLs using the macOS application.

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adroll integration


Show ads to people, who clicked your short links.

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segment integration

Segment integration

Send link statistics with one API to hundreds of tools for analytics.

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google analitics integration

Google Analytics

Send every click of your short link to Google Analytics account.

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facebook pixel integration

Facebook Pixel

Retarget ads to people, who clicked your short links.

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