Can I use the same domain for and existing website?

Domains, registered with, are intended only for URL shortening purposes and cannot be used for websites, blogs or to host other contents.

Important: There is a beta-feature on for using the domain for both shortening links and the website. It is called "JS-only redirects." However, use this feature in case you cannot create additional domain or subdomain for shortening links.

If you firmly believe that there is no way to shorten links, except using JS-only redirects, follow the instruction to configure it.

  1. Go to your account.

  2. Open "Domain settings" page. domain-settings

  3. Put a check next to the "JS-only redirects." js-only

  4. Scroll down and you see the code.

  5. Copy & paste it in block of every HTML page of the website. code

  6. Save.

If you wish, you can transfer the domain to another domain provider and use it for your website. However, all branded links, created with, won't work further.