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Tracking of clicks on Short.cm

All URL Shorteners are very different in their way of clicks tracking, what clicks they count, and what clicks they delete.

Important to understand that your pages can be visited by both real users and internet bots. A lot of sites, in particular, search engines, use spidering as a mean of providing up-to-date data. It should not be counted as a unique click or a manual visit.

We do tracking of bot/spider traffic in our statistics. Short.cm can identify whether it is user’s click or bot’s. It is based on some radical differences in how they present and share data to and from our servers. You can see it in your Devices chart – all spider traffic is in the “Others” section.

In doing so, we can eliminate spider/bot traffic from our click counters and provide the utmost accuracy for you. It means that every click you see is certainly have been made by a human.