How to buy and register a domain on

Follow the brief instruction on how to buy a new branded domain using

  • If you still don't have account:

    1. Sign up for free. sign-up

    2. Choose "Buy & Connect now" in the "Connect a spare domain dedicated only for links" block. buy-domain

  • If you already have account:

    1. Go to your account.

    2. Choose "Buy new domain." buy-new

    3. Select a domain name. New Domain name choosing

    4. Fill in billing information. New Domain billing New Domain billing

    5. Click "Pay now $__". Your credit card will be charged for the new domain and a receipt will be sent to you via email.

Note: After you choose and buy the domain, please wait (at least) 10 minutes for activation. When your domain is active, create and share short branded links.