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Email address verification after domain purchasing

Important: you should verify your email during 15 days after buying a Domain.

After check in with Short.cm, your DNS will be seen everywhere by the time you get an email that the domain is ready to use.

From time to time you can receive between 1 and 5 emails with "WHOIS domain privacy" information. Just verify. This is very important and required by ICANN international law in order to own a domain. You must verify your email within 15 days or your domain can be suspended.

You can check your Spam folder if you don't see any email in your Inbox.

Please note: If you don't get any e-mail during 11-13 days, please send us an e-mail at domains@short.cm and we will help you with this process. Because, it must be done in 15 days. After this period, all links will be blocked (not working).