May I use a current domain or do I need to buy a new one?

Imagine you already have a domain name for your company website or blog, but you don't understand whether you need a new domain or you can use existing one.

Remember: You can NOT create links with a branded domain name, which hosts content (blog, website, etc ...).

Follow some ways on how to shorten links:

  • Buy a new domain name.

For example, your business name is ICOM and your current domain is We advise you to register a new domain name with your company name. For instance, This TLD (top level domain) is the most common and. Choose something related to your business or project you are promoting. It can be .blog, .deal, .click, .cloud, etc. provides purchase of a new domain name during the registration process. There you can choose the best one for your purpose.

  • Create a subdomain for your main domain.

If you prefer to use your personal domain that you have already owned and use for your site, don't register a new one. Create and configure a subdomain (it will be cheaper).Your corporate domain will look Your sub-domains can be: link., go., find., visit., share.

  • There is a beta-feature on for using the domain both for shortening and website. It is called "JS-only redirects." However, use this feature in case you cannot create additional domain or subdomain for shortening links.

If you firmly believe that there is no way to shorten links, except using JS-only redirects, follow the instruction to configure it.

  1. Go to your account.

  2. Open "Domain settings" page. domain-settings

  3. Put a check next to the "JS-only redirects." js-only

  4. Scroll down and you see the code.

  5. Copy & paste it in block of every HTML page of the website. code

  6. Save.