Is it possible to use current domain or do you need a new one?

Imagine you are faced with the situation: you already have a domain name for your company website and blog, but you don't understand - do you need a new one or you can use your domain?

Remember: you can NOT create links from a branded domain name which already hosts some content (blog, website, etc ...).

You can act in two different ways:

  1. The best one - submit a new domain name For example, your business name is ICOM and your current domain is We can advise you to register a new domain name with your company name or brand name. For instance, This TLD (top level domain) is the most common and, as a rule, well suited for any case. But you can choose someone related to your business or project you are promoting. It also can be .blog, .deal, .click, .cloud, etc. provides purchase of new domain name during the registration process. There you can choose the best one for your purpose.

  2. Create a subdomain of your main domain If you prefer to use your personal domain that you have already owned and use for your site, you do not have to register a new one. You can create and configure a subdomain (it will be cheaper). However, the installation requires a little time and experience. Then your corporate domain will look

Your sub-domains can be: link., go., find., visit., share.