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Main rules for the best domain name for your branded links

Apparently, you have already seen branded links popping up everywhere. Among them are the most popular brands like Google, Foursquare, Youtube, Reddit. They are already using branded links to associate content which they share with their brands. If you have your brand on a link, it makes your content more visual. They also help to understand better the content you share.

Do you want to have your brand more recognizable? - Just use branded links. If someone finds information on the website helpful, he may remember where it was got.

Creating a branded domain is quite simple. However, searching for the perfect domain name, to use as your custom link, can be quite difficult.

There are few pieces of advice for everyone:

  • Use short domain names. If your link domain is too long, it is not in your favor. It will be better to use a shorter version of your branded link that you want to share online.

  • The basic idea should tell about your brand. Recall your brand. It is very important.

  • It should be simple to pronounce. You can share your branded link in a private conversation or over the phone. Thus simplicity of pronunciation and spelling is significant; especially, when you and your interlocutor have different native languages.

  • It has to be your own. Try to be unique for your brand and not repeat after everyone. The main idea of having the branded link is to provide a point of reference for the brand.

  • It must be easy to remember. Your audience shouldn’t have any problems with links remembering.

  • It should be simple. A branded link can not be too difficult, for instance, Starbuck’s link – sbux.co which is quite confusing.