“Google Analytics + Short.cm” Segment

For tracking more detailed statistics, like UTM parameters, use Google Analytics. Short.cm provides simple Google Analytics activation, which doesn’t require implementing JS code to the website.

Segment scans the information about short links from Short.cm and sends it to Google Analytics. The statistical data is displayed as a graph in Google Analytics account. Click on "Real-time" and then "Overview" tabs to observe the traffic.

  1. Go to your Segment workspace.

  2. Add source. add-source

  3. Connect Website - JavaScript mode. js

  4. Add Short.cm website. add-segment

  5. Choose Settings. segment-settings

  6. Click API Keys. api-key-segment

  7. Copy API Key. copy-api-key

  8. Go to Short.cm account.

  9. Open Integrations & API. integrations-api

  10. Scroll to Segment itegration. Choose a domain, paste API Key and save. segment-api-key

  11. Add Destination. add-destination

  12. Choose Google Analytics. segment-ga

  13. Configure Google Analytics. configure-ga

  14. Select Short.cm website and confirm. confirm-ga

  15. Go to Google Analytics account and copy Tracking ID. Your website's Tracking ID is in the Tracking Info tab on the Admin Page of Google Analytics. tracking-id

  16. Paste Tracking ID to Segment and save. website-id-ga paste-id

  17. Turn on Google Analytics Settings. turn-on-ga

  18. Open Overview page and check if the integration is active. check-ga

Watch a video guide below to customize Short.cm and Google Analytics integration.