Google Tag Manager & Direct Integration

Google Tag Manager is a free tool for marketers to manage website tags. It includes conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing tags (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Optimize, Facebook Pixel).

If you want to get deep insights into your short links success, GTM comes in handy. Integrating GTM with means that all the data and event tracking of short links is simply to access.

With, you don't need to load the GTM snippet on your web pages. and Google Tag Manager integration requires only the conversion ID.

Follow the instruction on how to customize GTM and integration:

  1. Go to your GTM account.

  2. Copy a Google Tag Manager customer ID. copy-gtm-id

  3. Go to account.

  4. Open “Domain settings” tab. settings

  5. Scroll to “Analytics & Retargeting tools integration” block.

  6. Input GTM ID to the “GTM container ID” field. paste-gtm-id

  7. Save.

Now GTM gets data about clicks and sends it to the analytical services, which you added on GTM.

Watch the video guide to customize GTM and integration quickly.