“Heap + Short.cm” Segment

Short.cm integrates with Heap via Segment. Segment collects data about clicks from the Short.cm account and sends it to the Heap analytics.

The integration via Segment simplifies the way of installing Heap. You don’t need JS code, just point Short.cm API key and Heap ID.

  1. Go to your Segment workspace.

  2. Add source. add-source

  3. Connect Website - JavaScript mode. js

  4. Add Short.cm URL. add-segment

  5. Choose Settings. segment-settings

  6. Click API Keys. api-key-segment

  7. Copy API Key copy-api-key

  8. Go to your Short.cm account.

  9. Open Retargeting. retarget

  10. Paste API Key to Segment field and save. segment-api-key

  11. Add Destination. add-destination

  12. Search for Heap and click its icon. segment-heap

  13. Configure Heap. configure-heap

  14. Select the Short.cm website and confirm. confirm-heap

  15. Go to Heap and copy App ID. You can find the snippet containing your app ID in Heap's QuickStart docs. It's inside the heap.load('YOUR-APP-ID') function call. heap-id

  16. Paste App ID to Segment and save. paste-heap-id paste-app-id

  17. Turn on Heap Settings. turn-on-heap

  18. Open Overview page and check if the integration is active. check-heap

Watch the video guide below to customize Short.cm and Heap integration.