“Mixpanel + Short.cm” Segment

Short.cm integrates with Mixpanel via Segment. Segment transfers the clicks data from Short.cm to Mixpanel.

Mixpanel analyzes the clicks through the transferred data. As a result, you will get the deep insights into your short branded links.

  1. Go to your Segment workspace.

  2. Add source. add-source

  3. Connect Website - JavaScript mode. js

  4. Add Short.cm URL. add-segment

  5. Choose Settings. segment-settings

  6. Click API Keys. api-key-segment

  7. Copy API Key copy-api-key

  8. Go to your Short.cm account.

  9. Open Retargeting. retarget

  10. Paste API Key to Segment field and save. segment-api-key

  11. Add Destination. add-destination

  12. Choose Mixpanel. segment-mixpanel

  13. Configure Mixpanel. configure-mixpanel

  14. Select Short.cm website and confirm. confirm-mixpanel

  15. Go to Mixpanel .

  16. Copy API Secret. You can find your API Secret under Settings > Project Settings in the upper right of the Mixpanel interface. mixpanel-api-key

  17. Paste it to Segment and Save. paste-api-mix mix-api

  18. Copy Token. token-mixpanel

  19. Paste it to Segment and Save. paste-token mix-token

  20. Turn on Mixpanel Settings. turn-on-mix

  21. Open Overview page and check if the integration is active. mix-over

Watch a video instruction below to quickly customize Short.cm and Mixpanel integration.