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“Facebook + Short.cm” Zap

Promotion through Facebook social network is one of the most effective ways to make your products known and brands popular. It allows you to make posts to provide your users with up-to-date information about your company.

To simplify the workflow and make it almost automatic you can use Zapier service which provides the integration between Short.cm and Facebook.

When you create a short branded link in Short.cm, the post will be embedded on your Facebook page automatically. The Facebook post contains the title, description, short link, and web page preview.

For creating this Zap you need Zapier, Short.cm and Facebook accounts.

Note: To connect Short.cm account use API key. You will find it in "Account settings."

Follow the video-guide below to create and setup your "Short.cm + Facebook" Zap.

This integration is the best for those who want to have the audience engaged with new short branded links. Furthermore, posts will be brief and clear. This will inevitably help to grab customers attention.