“Google Sheets + Short.cm” Zap

Google Sheets is an instrument for creating tables, charts and graphs. The advantage is that you may share a document for joint usage with your colleagues.

Notice: The changes are updated in the Google Sheet in one second, so that colleages may see them at once.

"Short.cm + Google Sheets" Zap creates short links for the long URLs in the rows. Even if somebody edits an existed long link, a new short link will be created with the changes.

One more way to use "Short.cm + Google Sheets" Zap is for bulk link creation. Paste all long links to the document, and activate a Zap. A list of shortened links will appear in your Short.cm account.

Note: To configure this Zap, you should have at least one long link in the row.

  1. Go to Zapier service.

  2. Choose Make a Zap. make-zap

  3. Search for Google Sheets and click its icon. google-sheets

  4. Choose "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" event. Continue. new-row

  5. Connect your Google Sheets account. When you click connect, you need to log into Google account. connect-gsh

  6. When your account is on, continue. save-cont-goo

  7. Fill in necessary fields. Continue. fill-fields-gsh

  8. Skip the test and continue.

  9. Search for Short.cm and click its icon. gsh-cm

  10. Choose the action and continue. save-gsh

  11. If you configure this Zap for the first time, you need to connect Short.cm account. conn-gsh

  12. Go to your Short.cm account.

  13. Open Integrations&API page. integrations-api

  14. Copy API key. shortcm-api-key

  15. Paste API key to connect Short.cm account. Continue. pate-api-key

  16. After an account is on, continue. short-gsh-acc

  17. Fill in necessary fields to send a short link. Continue. ffill-fields-gsh-sh

  18. Skip test and Finish.

  19. Turn on your Zap. turn-on-gsh

The video guide helps to correctly customize the "Short.cm + Google Sheets"Zap .