“RSS + Short.cm” Zap

RSS feed is a tool, which provides an easy way to be well informed about the latest publishings of your favorite blogs.

This tool is highly recommended for business companies. Blog is an important marketing tool for brand promotion and development. You may sign up for your personal blog and be notified when a new article is published.

"Short.cm + RSS" Zap allows getting short links for a new article, which is added to the RSS feed. Simultaneously, a new short link for this article appears in the short URL list in your Short.cm account.

As a result, you may share a link at once without copy-pasting, what saves time and makes work uninterrupted.

Follow the instruction to configure "Short.cm + RSS" Zap.

  1. Go to Zapier service.

  2. Choose Make a Zap. make-zap

  3. Search for RSS and click its icon. rss-zap

  4. Choose "New Item In Feed" event. Continue. item-in-feed

  5. Input your publicy accessible RSS URL. Continue. rss-url

  6. Skip the test and continue.

  7. Search for Short.cm and click its icon. shortcm-rss

  8. Choose the action and continue. save-rss

  9. If you configure this Zap for the first time, you need to connect Short.cm account. connect-short-rss

  10. Go to your Short.cm account.

  11. Open Integrations&API page. integrations-api

  12. Copy API key. shortcm-api-key

  13. Paste API key to connect Short.cm account. Continue. pate-api-key

  14. After an account is on, continue. save-acc-short

  15. Fill in necessary fields to send a short link. Continue. rss-fileds

  16. Skip test and Finish.

  17. Turn on your Zap. turn-on-rss

Watch a step-by-step video instruction on how to customize "Short.cm + RSS" Zap.