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“Shopify + Short.cm” Zap

Nowadays e-shops are gaining popularity among customers. To simplify a purchasing process there are many e-shops which give customers the opportunity to shop being at home.

The highly convenient app, which helps you with this, is Shopify. It takes you a day to launch a business thanks to quick Shopify service.

For the better promotion of your products use Short.cm integration for Zapier. Such Zap allows you to get automatically the short link to each of your shop items.

Besides, as Short.cm provides a detailed statistics for all your shortened links, you can track traffic data and see which your product gets the highest CRT. As branded short URLs attract users effectively, you will get more profitable sales.

Before creating a Zap, make sure you have accounts in Zapier, Short.cm and at least one product in Shopify. Follow our video-guide to make a Zap.