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“Twitter + Short.cm” Zap

Nowadays Twitter is a very popular social network with its peculiar features and audience. It is worth to be mentioned that Twitter is a place where the brevity of posts matters. So the short links will stand you in good stead when you need to save characters for writing a tweet.

To improve your links sharing through Twitter, Short.cm launched integration with Zapier. It simplifies the connection between Twitter and Short.cm and allows you to embed short links into your timeline automatically.

Once you shorten a link in Short.cm, Zapier posts it to your Twitter account with the original title or any additional information you specified. It means that you shouldn’t send a link to Twitter by hands each time you shorten a new one. Be sure that a short link inevitably grabs customers’ attention and makes them click on it.

If you consider this Zap as needful – watch a video tutorial on how to customize it. Pay attention you should have accounts in Zapier, Short.cm and Twitter.