What is Short.cm?

Short.cm is a custom domain URL shortener, which allows you to shorten links on your own domain.

The advantages of Short.cm:

— Low Price and Quick Support

Short.cm has the cheapest price plans on the market. pricing

Feel free to contact Short.cm support. We are worrying about your success on using short links and always answer tickets. Our chat bubble is on every page.

— Detailed statistics

Short.cm displays detailed statistics for each short link and for the whole domain. You can observe such elements as total clicks, unique clicks, date range (filtering), click statistics, devices used, top referrers, social referrers, top browsers, and top countries. statistics

— Extensive set of features

Despite being the cheapest shortening service on the market, Short.cm has more features than other services.

  1. Mobile targeting. With the help of the one link, your customers will be redirected to different URLs depending on their mobile's OS.

  2. Campaign tracking. UTM-coded links are too long. You may shorten already coded link, or add UTM parameters straight from Short.cm.

  3. Geo-targeting. Redirect users to relevant web pages depending on their location. With Short.cm geo-targeting, you can divide users not only by country but also by regions. Users in two different areas will face different web pages.

  4. Link expiration. Users are redirected to a new destination URL with relevant information when an old one expires.

  5. Link cloaking. When you activate the link-cloaking feature, the original URL is replaced with a shortened one in the address bar. Link cloaking

  6. Password protection. Limit the number of users who want to have access to your website. When you share a short protected link with users, they have to enter the correct password to reach the content. Password protection

  7. QR code generation. Even though short links are easy to type into the smartphone browser address bar, the method of passing the URL after scanning the QR code is more convenient.

— API for developers

Use API docs for implementing shortening features to your application. Learn API documentation.

— Integrations

Short.cm integrates with many apps, which make work automatic and provide Short.cm users with additional marketing tools.

Short.cm integrates with Zapier, Segment, Google Chrome, Slack, WordPress, iOS App Store, and MacOS App Store.

How to shorten links?

It takes you 15 seconds to shorten a link in Short.cm. Watch the video guide to quickly create your first vanity URL.