How to import links

In case your current link shortener doesn't meet your requirements: is too expensive, has a few features, or too slow support, import links to

You can easily do that without losing the original URLs and associated data.

To start importing links, follow the instruction:

  1. Request your current URL shortener for exporting links.

  2. Get a file with short links.

  3. Go to

  4. Open User Menu. user-men

  5. Choose "Integrations & API" tab. integrations

  6. Open the "Link import" tab. imp-link

  7. Upload the file by clicking on "Choose a file" or dragging. choose-file

  8. Import your links.

In case links don't appear in the URL list in 24 hours, contact support.

Watch a video instruction on how to transfer links to The video starts with the third step.