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How to choose the best short domain

A custom shortlink is great tool for building a business or personal brand. One of the reasons you need to opt for a shortened link is that your readers will know that it’s about a curated piece of content when they see it shared on social networks. Using ShortURL it’s easy to create a custom short links, but it’s recommended to choose smart when it comes about your short domain name.

Keep it short

Shorter domain names are simply more versatile for branding. It’s recommended to choose short domain names, which are easy to remember and pronounceable. If you opt for a domain which is short and simple, you don’t risk your customers mistyping or misspelling it. Single word domain names are the way to go (or in the last case maximum two words). Try to think about keywords which describe your business and the products or services you offer.

Mix and combine

Finding the right name could be sometimes (ok, most of the time) a time consuming nightmare. This because domains are registered fast and usually the best one-word domain names are already taken. In this case try to combine the keywords with the tlds (Top Level Domain), resulting in a meaningful combination, like foc.us, find.me. You can also mix your keyword with country-code top level domains like flori.st, crui.se.

Use your creativity

You can use various creative techniques to smartly modify existing keywords to generate brandable new words. One popular way to do this is the mesh or blend words. Another great technique is to use acronyms and abbreviations of your keywords or brand name. If you opt for this technique, pay attention that your domain name is memorable and it’s easy to spell. We recommend to stay away from numbers or hypens because they cause confusion among your users. Make your domain name to speak for itself. Some examples: aws.co, nhs.uk

Look for new tlds

If you don’t succeed with the most common top level domains like .com, .net, etc., check the domain availability of the new gtlds (Generic Top Level Domain) which include .link, .domains, .one and many more. There could be fun ways to combine your keyword with a topic specific gtld, for example: rocket.science, purple.ink, big.city.

To choose the best domain we recommend to use domainr.com’s service, where you only need to enter your brand name or short domain name and it will come up with a wealth of possibilities.

Bonus tip: Last but not least, do not forget to make sure, that with your domain name you are not violating anyone’s trademark. Also as a last step, before you register your future domain name, don’t forget to check social networks for the availability of the same name.