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How to create an A type DNS record?

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and underpins the world wide web we use every day. This system is practically the phone book of the internet, which organizes and identifies domains. For example: when a user types in the browser www.website.com and hits enter, the DNS translates it into the physical IP address – such as “” – of the server computer hosting that site.

Basically DNS works transparently in the background and converts human-readable website names into numerical computer-readable IP addresses. This happens all the time you use a domain name, whether you are visiting a website, sending an email or doing almost anything on the internet.

Each domain has a DNS record on the server controlling the IP address on which a domain is hosted. Basically it is a list of directions for where to send the web user. There are different types of DNS record, the most basic one is the A Record.

What is an A Record?

The A or Address Record’s function is to link a domain or subdomain to the physical IP address of a computer hosting that domain’s services. You can always change the default settings of the A Record, so that the domain points to a different IP address. To do this you need to access the DNS manager of your hosting provider.

The way you edit DNS varies depending on your domain registrar. In general, the updating process follows the next steps:

  1. Log into your domain provider’s admin area (account)
  2. Select the domain or subdomain you want to edit
  3. Find the DNS manager section. The name of this section varies, look after something like “DNS Records”, “Advanced DNS”, “DNS Configuration”, “Total DNS”, “Host records” or similar.
  4. This last step differs, depending on whether you are using a domain or a subdomain.

See in details (step by step guides) how you can edit an A Record in case of the most important hosting providers, by clicking on the links below: