What are DNS and A Record?

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and underpins the World Wide Web we use every day. This system is similar to the phone book of the Internet, which organizes and identifies domains. For example, when a user types www.website.com in the browser and hits enter, DNS translates it into the physical IP address such as ""

Each domain has a DNS record on the server managing the IP address on which the domain is hosted. It is a list of directions where to send the web user.

The most common DNS record is "A Record."

What is an A Record?

The function of A Record (or Address Record) is to connect a domain or subdomain to the physical IP address. You can always change the default settings of the A Record so that the domain points to a different IP address. To do this, you need to access the DNS manager of your hosting provider.

Open "Setup" block on Support to learn detailed instructions on how to set up an A Record.