domain registrar guide is a domain registrar, where you can buy an available domain or subdomain name. Gandi provides many domain names up to 700 extensions.

For shortening links in, you have to add your domain name or to use a generic one "" If you don't have a domain, you can acquire it from or any domain registrar. The advantage of buying a domain from is that the domain will be active at once.

If you acquire a domain from the registrar, you have to follow some activation steps. Learn the instruction below on how to add a Gandi domain to account.

  1. Sign in Gandi service and buy an available domain.

  2. Go to your account. Click the "+" icon. add-new-domain

  3. Choose the second option - Best choice. Click Use spare. connect-domain

  4. Input the domain to the field. Connect. Now the domain is inactive. gandinet-domain

  5. Go to your Gandi account and choose "Domains" from the left. domains-gandi

  6. Choose a necessary domain. choose-gandi

  7. Click "DNS records." dns-gandi

  8. If you configure:

    • a domain — delete all unnecessary records of the domain; delete-gandi

    • a subdomain — do not delete records of the domain you already own.

  9. Click "Add." add-record-gandi

  10. Add "A-record" with "@" name and IP address (it connects Gandi and records-gandi

  11. Choose "Create."

  12. Wait a few hours and refresh a domain status in domain settings.

Watch the video instruction to avoid obstacles while configuring a domain.