Configuring the domain on godaddy

You’re now ready to set up as a shortener for your domain (

To do this, you have to direct your domain to the servers. This is needed to tell your domain visitors, that your links are handled by

To get started, you sign in to your domain host, which manages technical settings for your domain. Then, you update the A record settings to direct your visitors to account.

Sign in to your GoDaddy account

Sign in to GoDaddy.

If you don’t know your username and password, you can reset your password or contact GoDaddy support.

Go to your domain's DNS records

  1. In the GoDaddy site, scroll down to Domains and click Manage.

    Domain manage

  2. Click the domain name you want to configure to In this example, we'll use the domain, but you'll see your own domain name instead.

    Select Domain link

    You're now in the GoDaddy domain control panel.

  3. Click the DNS Zone File tab.

    DNS Zone File tab

Delete the existing A records

  1. Find the A records portion of the control panel.

  2. Click the Trash icon next to each record to delete it. Delete all of the existing records. Don't worry, you'll be adding new A records to point your domain to URL shortener in the next step.

    Trash icon deleted the selected record

  3. Click Save Changes when all of the MX records have been deleted.

    Save Changes prompt

####Add your new A record

To direct your visitors to your short links, you have to add A record to your domain. This is the record that you'll need to add:

  1. At the top of the page, under Zone File, click Add Record.

    Add record link

  2. From the Record type drop-down list, select A (Address Record).

    A (Address Record) is selected from the Record Type drop-down menu.

  3. Enter @ in the Host field.

  4. In the Points To field, enter the A Server address:

  5. Leave the TTL field with the default of 1 Hour.

    Add A Record form

  6. Click the Finish button. You will be prompted to save your added A record.

    Save Changes prompt

  7. Click Save Changes. You'll see your new MX records in your control panel.

    The new MX records are displayed in the Control Panel.

Complete A records setup

Congratulations! Your domain will redirect links as configured in

To start link shortening sign in to with your email and password and select your domain.

Note: The change may take up to several hours to update, so you may not access domain new address. Until then, domain will point to previous address

You can also contact Support to help guide you through changing your A records.

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