Zeitweilige Links

Information relevance is changing… but your shortened links - are not. With the help of “Link expiration” feature original link can be changed automatically at the moment you will preset. This way your users will be always supplied with up-to-date information without any modifications of the address where they can get it.

Also “Link expiration” function allows you to improve your task management. Using this feature you can set the date of link update at once with the other link parameters. Thus, it is not necessary to keep in mind the date when you need to refresh the old link when it loses its appropriateness.

Besides you can make the following tricky thing. Due to your price plan, you have the certain amount of links you can keep in your shorten URLs list. But what if you need just a little bit more, however you do not want to change price plan? The easiest approach is the following one: as in some cases you may not need some shortened links for permanent usage, you can delete several links and create the new ones instead of them. This flexible tool lets you make it automatically.

The function is simple in handling. You can arrange your temporary link through Link Management window. There you can set expiration date and time and control what happens after the links expire by setting expiration URLs where the visitors will be redirected.

Expiration date and time settings at Short.cm Picture1: Expiration date and time settings at Short.cm

Visitors will not be able to know the expiration date of the shared link. They will pass through the new link in a regular way. But if you do not set the expiration URL, your users will be redirected to the error page with the following message “THE LINK YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCESS HAS EXPIRED”.

Expiration URL defining at Short.cm Picture2: Expiration URL defining at Short.cm

“Expiration link” feature is available in PERSONAL plan and higher. Sign up for Short.cm and create temporary links to deliver only relevant information to your users.

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