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Powerful Custom Integrations

With just a few click you can add multiple domains or subdomains and track audience individually for each client, brand, website or project.

A custom shortened link is great for building a personal or business brand. Using you have total freedom to put your link in the context and customize your links using any combination which comes in your mind. makes possible to have full control over your content.

Track and measure the success of short links and domains by checking the detailed statistics. You will find all the information you need, including different devices, browsers, social networks, list of referrers in a predefined or a custom date range.

Team links

Standard Plan

Manage your account with as a team. You can add as many team members as you want, choosing from 3 different team roles: Admin, User and Readonly.

Track marketing & advertising campaigns using short links. Add UTM tags to your links so that you can see the detailed results of your campaign in Google Analytics.

With the Link API you can create and manage short links, while with the Analytics API you can have the link statistics right in your application. In addition you can integrate with Tweetbot using the Tweetbot API.

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Send mobile visitors to the right location based on their device/operating system. Make use of this easy and streamlined solution for mobile deep linking.


Small Plan

Create special links to forward users to the right country or region link based on their IP address. Use geo targeted links to deliver relevant content to an international audience.

Set the expiration date and time to create temporary short links. Control what happens after the links expire by setting expiration URLs where the visitors will be redirected.

Link cloaking

Small Plan

Hide original URL so that visitors can see only the short link in their browser's address bar.

Protect your short links by asking visitors to enter password you initially specified.

Promote the short link on printed documents & offline marketing materials using the QR-code.

Track marketing & advertising campaigns using short links. Add UTM tags to your links so that you can see the detailed results of your campaign in Google Analytics.

Integrations & Applications

Slack integration

Create short links right from a Slack channel just by typing /shorten.

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Zapier integration

Connect with hundreds of other web applications.

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macOS application

Create short URLs using the macOS application.


Chrome extension

Create a short link with the URL of the active browser tab or the generated screenshot of the page.

Wordpress extension

Automatically generate a short link for each of your blog posts.

Segment integration

Send short link statistics with one API to hundred of tools for analitics and marketing through Segment integration. Segment integration allows you to integrate your short links with your favorite analytical tools: Google Analytics, Mixpanel or HEAP analytics.

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Import your links

Get the most out of your links and import to your account with just a few quick steps.

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