Features that work for you

Shorten, personalize and share fully branded short URLs with your audience

Multiple domains and subdomains

With a click you can add multiple domains or subdomains and track audience individually for each brand, website or client.

Personalized links

A custom shortened link is great for building a personal or business brand. Using Short.cm you have total freedom to put your link in the context and customize your links using any combination which comes in your mind. Short.cm makes possible to have full control over your content.

Detailed statistics

Track and measure the success of our short links and your domains by checking the detailed statistics. You will find all your information you need, from devices, browsers, social networks, list of referrers to a diagram of clicks in specified periods.


Create short links directly from your browser with one click using our Google Chrome extension. If you use Wordpress you can create your short links with one click from our Wordpress extension.

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Mobile links

Leading your users to download an application has never been so easy. Using Short.cm's mobile links feature you can send your users directly to download the application, there is no need to visit the website first.

Country targeting

Build special global links to forward your users correctly depending on their country.

UTM Tags

Track your URLs with UTM tags to get the data about traffic statistic.

Link expiration

Set the expiration date for your shortened URLs and the following redirects for ones.

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QR Codes

Generate QR-codes for your links.

Link cloaking

Hide originals links. Your customers can see only shortened URLs in the browsers.

Team links

You can manage the Short.cm platform as a team. You can add as many people as you want to shorten and manage links together.

Segment integration

Send short link statistics with one API to hundred of tools for analitics and marketing through Segment integration. Segment integration allows you to integrate your short links with your favorite analytical tools: Google Analytics, Mixpanel or HEAP analytics

API Keys

Short.cm API allows you to make short URLs from your application. In our API documentation also you will find the Tweetbot API which supports custom link shorteners.

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