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Using you obtain total freedom to put your links in the context of any kind of information about your product. For instance, you can add them in taglines for advertising campaigns or product descriptions on your main website or pages in social networks. You can customize your links using any combination of characters which comes into your mind to improve creativity and flexibility of link addresses. is a great tool for building a personal or business brand. Now you can scout original godsends not only for domain names but also for links slug. This instrument expands your ability in texts and wordplays composing for better memorizing and eye-catching. Thus, you will have full control over your content.

You can easily set up these features, without any complicated manipulations. Just edit your shortened link on

Changing slug of link at Picture1: Changing slug of link at

“Personalized links” feature works for you in all types of account. Join and make your URLs work for your success.

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