Application for MacOS MacOS app allows you to shorten links on your own domain and share screenshots. It works from the service menu on your Mac.

The application lets shorten URLs in one step instead of copying a long URL, going to site, pasting it, and then getting a short URL. With MacOS app, this process is quick and simple.

How to use MacOS app?

  1. Install MacOS app.

  2. Log in to account.

  3. Select a domain.

  4. Open "Link" tab in menu, and click "Shorten link from the clipboard" to shorten a link.

  5. Open "Link" tab in menu, and click "Capture screenshots" to make a screenshot.

    Besides making a screenshot from Mac menu, press Cmd + Shift + 0 to create and share an ad-free screenshot on your own domain.

    This feature is extremely useful for quickly sharing graphic data with partners, colleagues, and friends.