Cloudflare subdomain setup guide

It is not necessary to register a new domain name for shortening links if you own one that works properly. Create a subdomain using a domain you already have.

Before using Cloudflare for a subdomain, enable the service for your main domain.

When your main domain is active in Cloudflare, add a subdomain.

  1. Log into your Cloudflare account.

  2. Select a DNS icon. cloudflare11

  3. Specify an "A-record", a subdomain name, and value. cloudflare21

  4. Click on "Add record" on the right to finish.

  5. Go to the account. Click the "+" icon. add-new-domain

  6. Choose the third option - Easy use. Click Use existing. connect-domain

  7. Enter a domain you already use. cloudflare-sub1

  8. Input a subdomain to the "Other" field. cloudflare-sub1

  9. Click on "Complete."

  10. Wait a few hours and then refresh the domain status.

The video guide helps to configure a subdomain.