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DreamHost domain registrar guide

DreamHost is a platform where you can buy domains and subdomains for the website or short branded links.

For shortening links in Short.cm, you have to add your domain name or to use a generic one "smth.shortcm.li." If you don't have a domain, you can acquire it from Short.cm or any domain registrar. The advantage of buying a domain from Short.cm is that the domain will be active at once.

If you acquire a domain from the registrar, you have to follow some activation steps. Learn the instruction below on how to add a DreamHost domain to Short.cm account.

  1. Sign in Dreamhost service.

  2. Buy a domain.

  3. Go to Short.cm account. Click on "Add new domain."

  4. Enter the domain to "Add your domain" field. Now the domain is inactive.

  5. Go to Dreamhost account. Choose "Domains" – "Manage domains" from the left side.

  6. You will be redirected to a domain list. Under a necessary domain click on "DNS."

  7. Add "A-record" with value (an IP address, which connects Dreamhost and Short.cm).

  8. Leave a "Name" box blank (!!!).

  9. If you configure:

    • a domain — delete all unnecessary records. Click on "Deactivate Parked" from the right side of the domain to remove all A-records at once.

    • a subdomain — do not delete records of the domain you already own.

  10. Wait a few hours and refresh a domain status in Short.cm domain settings.

Watch a step-by-step video instruction to avoid obstacles while configuring a domain.